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Michele Gorini. (cosupervised with Sara Daneri) September, 2023.
Non-uniqueness of Leray-Hopf weak solutions to the fractional Navier-Stokes equations

Reinaldo Resende. (cosupervised with Stefano Nardulli) July, 2023.
Some regularity results in geometric measure theory

Vikram Giri. May, 2023.
Dissipative intermittent Euler flows satisfying the local energy inequality

Simone Steinbruechel. January, 2022.
Boundary regularity for the Plateau problem

Luigi De Rosa. (cosupervised with Maria Colombo) April, 2021.
Non-smooth solutions in incompressible fluid dynamics

Riccardo Tione. June, 2020.
Vectorial problems in the calculus of variations and fluid dynamics

Stefano Gioffre. May, 2019.
Quantitative rigidity theorems in differential geometry

Dominik Inauen. May, 2019.
Rigidity and flexibility of isometric embeddings

Salvatore Stuvard. November, 2017.
Geometric variational problems on spaces of multiple valued functions

Antonio De Rosa. May, 2017.
Anisotropic energies in geometric measure theory

Jusuf Ramic. November, 2016.
Min-max theory for minimal hypersurfaces with boundary

Luca Spolaor. October, 2015.
Regularity theory for a class of 2-dimensional almost area minimizing currents.

Jonas Hirsch. April, 2014.
Report on my research on some regularity questions regarding multivalued functions.

Elisabetta Chiodaroli. May, 2013.
Non-standard solutions to the Euler system of isentropic gas dynamics.

Daniel Perez. June, 2011.
On nearly umbilical surfaces.

Dominik Tasnady. April, 2011.
Min-Max constructions of minimal surfaces in closed Riemannian manifolds.

Roger Robyr. April, 2010.
SBV regularity and Hamilton-Jacobi equations.

Filippo Pellandini. March, 2010.
Min-Max constructions of 2-dimensional minimal surfaces.

Emanuele Spadaro. April, 2010.
Q-valued functions and approximation of minimal currents.

Gianluca Crippa. (cosupervised with Luigi Ambrosio) November, 2008.
The flow associated to weakly differentiable fields.

Former Postdocs