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De Lellis C, Zhao Z.  2023.  Dirichlet energy-minimizers with analytic boundary. Indiana Univ. Math. J.. . 72PDF icon DeLellis_Zhao_arXiv4.pdf (343.47 KB)
De Lellis C., L. Székelyhidi Jr..  2013.  Dissipative continuous Euler flows. Inventiones Mathematicae. 193:377–407.PDF icon continuous_new12.pdf (374.68 KB)
Choffrut A., De Lellis C., L. Székelyhidi Jr..  0.  Dissipative continuous Euler flows in two and three dimensions. PDF icon 2d_continuous_3.pdf (358.13 KB)
De Lellis C., L. Székelyhidi Jr..  2014.  Dissipative Euler Flows and Onsager's Conjecture. J. Eur. Math. Soc. (JEMS). 16(7):1467-1505.PDF icon hoelder_final.pdf (383.42 KB)PDF icon Errata_hoelder.pdf (54.42 KB)
Buckmaster T., De Lellis C., L. Székelyhidi Jr..  2016.  Dissipative Euler flows with Onsager-critical spatial regularity. Comm. Pure Appl. Math. . 69(2):229-274.PDF icon L1_onethird_65.pdf (525.74 KB)
De Lellis C, Fleschler I.  2023.  An elementary rectifiability lemma and some applications. PDF icon Non-sigma-12.pdf (369.45 KB)
De Lellis C, Focardi M, Ghinassi S.  2021.  Endpoint regularity for 2d Mumford-Shah minimizers: On a theorem of Andersson and Mikayelyan. J. Math. Pures Appl. (9). 155PDF icon DeLellis-Focardi-Ghinassi_journal-amended-4.pdf (553.88 KB)PDF icon Errata-crackip.pdf (136.56 KB)
Crippa G., De Lellis C..  2008.  Estimates and regularity results for the DiPerna-Lions flow.. Crelle. 616:15–46.PDF icon Estimates_ODEs.pdf (298.06 KB)
De Lellis C., L. Székelyhidi Jr..  0.  The Euler equations as a differential inclusion.. Ann. of Math. PDF icon LasAnn.pdf (741.47 KB)
De Lellis C..  2002.  An example in the gradient theory of phase transitions.. ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations. 7:285–289(electronic).PDF icon COCV.pdf (117.75 KB)
De Lellis C, Hirsch J, Marchese A, Spolaor L, Stuvard S.  2023.  Excess decay for minimizing hypercurrents mod $2Q$. PDF icon Excess-decay.pdf (745.7 KB)
De Lellis C., Tasnady D..  2013.  The existence of embedded minimal hypersurfaces. Journal of Differential Geometry. 95:355–388.PDF icon JDG_final.pdf (318.43 KB)PDF icon Errata_MinMax_sets.pdf (54.93 KB)
Bressan A., De Lellis C..  2009.  Existence of optimal strategies for a fire confinement problem.. Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics. 62:789–830.PDF icon FireCPAM.pdf (364.62 KB)
Ambrosio L., De Lellis C..  2003.  Existence of solutions for a class of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in several space dimensions.. International Mathematics Research Notices. :2205–2220.PDF icon esistenza10.pdf (235.06 KB)
De Lellis C., Ghiraldin F..  2010.  An extension of the identity Det=det.. Comptes Rendus Mathematique. 348:973–976.PDF icon Det_detCRAS.pdf (146.34 KB)
De Lellis C, Hirsch J, Marchese A, Spolaor L, Stuvard S.  2022.  Fine structure of the singular set of area minimizing hypersurfaces modulo $p$. PDF icon Even-p-Structure.pdf (547.96 KB)
De Lellis C, Skorobogatova A.  2023.  The fine structure of the singular set of area-minimizing integral currents II: rectifiability of flat singular points with singularity degree larger than $1$. PDF icon main.pdf (618.28 KB)
De Lellis C, Skorobogatova A.  2023.  The fine structure of the singular set of area-minimizing integral currents I: the singularity degree of flat singular points. PDF icon main.pdf (657.89 KB)
De Lellis C, Minter P, Skorobogatova A.  2023.  The fine structure of the singular set of area-minimizing integral currents III: Frequency 1 flat singular points and H^{m-2}-a.e uniqueness of tangent cones. PDF icon Singularity_degree_1-arXiv-04-2024.pdf (1.68 MB)
De Lellis C., Inauen D..  2017.  Fractional Sobolev regularity for the Brouwer degree. Communications in Partial Differential Equations. 42:1510–1523.PDF icon Fractional_Sobolev_Regularity_For_The_Brouwer_Degree.pdf (470.22 KB)
Colombo M., De Lellis C., Massaccesi A..  2020.  The generalized Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg Theorem for the hyperdissipative Navier-Stokes system. Comm. Pure Appl. Math.. 73(3):609-663.PDF icon HNS_26.pdf (459.49 KB)
De Lellis C., Pellandini F..  2010.  Genus bounds for minimal surfaces arising from min-max constructions.. Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik. 2010:47–99.PDF icon genus73.pdf (472.29 KB)
De Lellis C., De Philippis G., Kirchheim B., Tione R..  2021.  Geometric measure theory and differential inclusions. Ann. Fac. Sci. Toulouse Math. (6). 30PDF icon Inclusioni26.pdf (601.47 KB)
Brue' E, De Lellis C.  2023.  Geometric structure of Migdal's constrained vortex surfaces. Physics Reports. 1011PDF icon Appendix BrueDeLellis.pdf (218.36 KB)
De Lellis C, Pakzad MReza.  0.  The geometry of $C^{1,\alpha}$ flat isometric immersions. PDF icon Holder-developable-arxiv.pdf (395.4 KB)