TitleOrdinary differential equations with rough coefficients and the renormalization theorem of Ambrosio [after Ambrosio, DiPerna, Lions].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsDe Lellis C.
JournalSéminaire Bourbaki
PublisherSociété mathématique de France (SMF)
Type of ArticleExpository PDE
ISBN Number978-2-85629-253-2

In a seminal paper of almost 20 years ago, R.J. DiPerna and P.-L. Lions initiated the theory of renormalized solutions to study the well-posedness of Ordinary Differential Equations and Transport Equations with discontinuous coefficients. In a recent work Ambrosio, L. solved the long-standing open problem of extending this theory to BV coefficients, the most common functional-analytic closure of classical functions with jump discontinuities. Besides its intrinsic interest, Ambrosio's Theorem has been used to solve relevant problems in Partial Differential Equations and it opened the way to a series of new questions.


Séminaire Bourbaki. Vol. 2006/2007. Astérisque No. 317 (2008), Exp. No. 972, viii, 175–203.

URLhttp://www.iecn.u-nancy.fr/ eguether/bibliotheque/BOURBAKI/node4.html