About Me

I'm a postdoctoral researcher in the CSDM group at the Institute for Advanced Study.

I completed my PhD student in the theory group at the University of Washington Allen School of CSE, where I had the honor to have been advised by Thomas Rothvoss. Here is my dissertation.

I was the ICPC coach at UW from 2019 to 2023. The new coach is Milin.

Before coming to UW, I earned my B.A. in Math and CS from Cornell, where I worked with Bobby Kleinberg and David Williamson. I was also the Cornell ICPC coach from 2016 to 2018.

I am broadly interested in designing algorithms for problems in combinatorial optimization, using tools from probability, convex geometry, and discrepancy theory.


Optimal Online Discrepancy Minimization

With Janardhan Kulkarni and Thomas Rothvoss, STOC 2024. [PDF / Slides]

Linear-Sized Sparsifiers via Near-Linear Time Discrepancy Theory

With Arun Jambulapati and Kevin Tian, SODA 2024. [PDF]

The Subspace Flatness Conjecture and Faster Integer Programming

With Thomas Rothvoss, FOCS 2023. Best paper award. [PDF / Slides / Quanta article]

The Vector Balancing Constant for Zonotopes

With Rainie Bozzai and Thomas Rothvoss, FOCS 2023. [PDF]

Approximate Carathéodory bounds via Discrepancy Theory

With Thomas Rothvoss, 2022 arXiv. [PDF]

A New Framework for Matrix Discrepancy: Partial Coloring Bounds via Mirror Descent

With Daniel Dadush and Haotian Jiang, STOC 2022. [PDF / STOC talk / STOC Slides / Poster]

A Tighter Relation Between Hereditary Discrepancy and Determinant Lower Bound

With Haotian Jiang, SOSA 2022. [PDF / SOSA Slides]

Tight bounds on the Fourier growth of bounded functions on the hypercube

With Siddharth Iyer, Anup Rao, Thomas Rothvoss and Amir Yehudayoff, 2021 arXiv. [PDF]

Vector Balancing in Lebesgue Spaces

With Thomas Rothvoss, Random Structures and Algorithms. [PDF / BIRS talk / Slides]

An Elementary Exposition of Pisier's Inequality

With Siddharth Iyer, Anup Rao, Thomas Rothvoss and Amir Yehudayoff, 2020 arXiv. [PDF / Slides]

Balancing Polynomials in the Chebyshev Norm, 2020 arXiv. [PDF]

Linear Size Sparsifier and the Geometry of the Operator Norm Ball

With Thomas Rothvoss, SODA 2020. [PDF / UW Theory Seminar slides / SODA slides]