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Editing desktop files with augeas and puppet
I needed to edit a custom desktop file that had a typo in it on all my workstations. I used Augeas to edit the file and Puppet to automate it for me. Read More
Newer dropbox won't run on RHEL/CentOS/Springdale 6
When downloading a newer Dropbox and running ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd, nothing happens Read More
Connect 32-bit Network Connect client on 64-bit RHEL6/Springdale6/Centos6/Fedora
Installing the 32-bit Network Connect client on a 64-bit Linux machine gives the error:
Setup Failed.
        Please install 32 bit Java and update alternatives links using update-alternatives command.
        For more details, refer KB article KB25230.

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NetworkManager privileges
When trying to edit a network connection in Network Manager, a dialog box appears where you have to input the root password.
 System policy prevents modification of system settings
     An application is attempting to perform an action that requires privileges. Authentication as the super user is required to perform this action
    Vendor: NetworkManager
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undefined method `domain' for Facter:Module
After updating facter on our puppet server, /etc/cron.daily/foreman-reports now gives errors Read More
Hebrew TeX fonts on RHEL/Fedora
How to install and configure hebrew fonts on yum-based Linux distributions. Read More
Postfix master dead but pid file exists
Postfix would not restart on a workstation.  Turns out, almost all our workstations and servers had the same issue. Read More
Install OPAM on Springdale/RHEL/CentOS/SL 5.X
Installing OPAM on a Springdale/RHEL/CentOS/SL 5.X machine doesn't work because it requires a newer version of GLIBC. Read More
Error 1556: You can't use locks with log tables
After upgrading MySQL to 5.1.71, automysqlbackup now gives the error "1556: You can't use locks with log tables. when using LOCK TABLES" Read More
Websites dont resolve using Fedora connected to an Xfinity wireless router
When using Fedora, websites are not resolving when connected to Xfinity Wireless Router. Read More
Func daemon won't start
funcd would die right after starting Read More
Gnome Places brings up LibreOffice

Any folder or filesystem selected in Start->Places, brings up libreoffice which then would say it could not open up the program.....Obviously. Read More
Gnarwl Vacation SELinux
Gnarwl vacation filter wouldn't send auto-replies. The error in /var/log/messages was: CRIT/IO /var/lib/gnarwl/block/username Read More
Cannot update Dell BIOS with .BIN file
When I try to upgrade the BIOS on our PowerEdge servers with the BIN file provided by the Dell support website, I get the following error:
                Unable to get the System Generation.

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Migrating RT 3.6.4 to RT 4.0
The RT Documentation shows how to upgrade an existing RT server to RT4, but what if you want to migrate it? Read More
Convert Doc to PDF
You don't need Adobe Acrobat Pro to Export to PDF. Just use abiword. Read More
Setting your Backspace key to erase
Sometimes some machine have control-H set to be the erase key. Read More
Login hanging after upgrading Horde
Login hangs after updating horde and cpu utilization goes up on webserver. Read More
Toggle Signature in Thunderbird
Easy way of turning signature on and off in Thunderbird. Read More
Firefox on SunRays are not opening up
After Firefox update, SunRays no longer could open up Firefox. Read More
Installing Dell Online Diagnostics on custom RHEL release
Installing on our custom Red Hat OS release.   Read More
ldapsearch syntax error
Running ldapsearch in bash gives error:-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `(' Read More
How to prounounce epoch
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How to pronounce daemon
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Adding Puppet user with no password
Using puppet to create a user without a password, auto-login and disabling screen lock, Read More
Convert Word into LaTeX
Use AbiWord to convert Word documents into LaTeX Read More
Configuring and Troubleshooting Turba
LDAP addressbook  was not working in Horde. Read More
Unable to login to SunRay session with card inserted
When logging into a SunRay session with card inserted, you get Authentication Failed message. Read More
Script to create jpg thumbnails from flv files using ffmpeg

Using instructions from Using ffmpeg to create jpg thumbnails from flv files,

I created a bash script that would take a filename from the command line, then output the file with a .jpg extension.

The command line that was given in the post didn't work for me:
ffmpeg -i video.flv -an -ss 00:00:03 -an -r 1 -vframes 1 -y %d.jpg

But, the one given in the comment by Philippe Maegerman did (-minus the .exe part):
ffmpeg.exe -i stream_1146848749371.flv -y -f singlejpeg -ss 0.001 -vframes 1 -an test.jpg

I just modified it to suit my needs.

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Tesseract with Russian
The main Tesseract-OCR Project on Google Code doesn't contain the Russian language files.

They are available at tesseract-ocr-russian Google Groups .



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Some SunRay clients show 14D
Every once in awhile, some SunRay clients will stop being able to connect to a SunRay session and only display 14D.

Log messages showed:
Oct 27 18:18:39 minsk utauthd: Worker4 NOTICE: SESSION_OK pseudo.00144f6f741c
Oct 27 18:18:39 minsk utdevmgrd[19170]: symlink No such file or directory: /tmp/SUNWut/units/IEEE802.00144f6f741c

According to this article:
The SRSS software creates some directory and files in the /tmp filesystem. RedHat Linux has a cron job cleaning up /tmp daily. After a few days some of the files from SRSS were removed, causing the problem. This can be solved by adding "-x /tmp/SUNWut" to /etc/cron.daily/tmpwatch

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Installing and Un-installing Raritan Multi-Platform Client

To install:

unzip the downloaded zip file


Then run,

java -jar mpc-installer.MPC_6.


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virt-manager "Add Connection" nothing happening

When clicking on File->Add Connection, nothing happens

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Zoom 3095 USB Modem on Linux

Create RPM for driver.

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Building Tesseract RPM

Build Tesseract RPM from tarball

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Optiplex 755 hanging

Optiplex 755 hanging at "Starting udev"

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Sun Ray USB mounting
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Dual Port (VGA + DVI)
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Upgrading Nagios
Upgraded from Nagios 2.0b to Nagios 2.6 Read More
Wireless on Thinkpad T40 running Fedora Core 6
I had trouble getting wireless to work, Read More