Theresa Arzadon-Labajo

Unable to login to SunRay session with card inserted

Posted by Theresa Arzadon-Labajo (tarzadon) on Sep 21 2010
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When logging into a SunRay session with card inserted, you get Authentication Failed message.

Looking at /var/log/messages, you see errors:
Sep 21 14:47:07 minsk gdm[23967]: ut_userSessionCreate:_createByPath: open/create of '/var/opt/SUNWut/user_session/MicroPayflex.5004383d00130100' failed: No such file or directory
Sep 21 14:47:07 minsk gdm[23967]: pam_sunray_hotdesk:pam_sm_open_session: ut_userSessionDestoryCreate failed -1 for token MicroPayflex.5004383d00130100
Sep 21 14:47:07 minsk gdm[23967]: Couldn't set credentials for mguest19
Sep 21 14:47:11 minsk gdm[23967]: pam_sunray_amgh::[DPY=15] AMGH_SUMMARY: token=MicroPayflex.5004383d00130100, username=*NONE*, AMGH_Done?=NO(Local Session), Details=AMGH is not configured., AMGH_Target=*NONE*

ls -l /var/opt/SUNWut
show that rescache and user_session are pointing to non-existing directories

mkdir /tmp/SUNWut/user_session/
mkdir /tmp/SUNWut/config/rescache

Logging in with the card now works.

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