Other stuff by Mark Goresky

Abelian surfaces with anti-holomorphic multiplication (with Y.-S. Tai), an early version, restricted to the case n=1 of the paper

Anti holomorphic multiplication and a real algebraic modular variety (with Y.S. Tai), J. Diff. Geom. 65 (2003), 513-560.

Once we discovered how to extend the results from n=1 to the case of abelian varieties of arbitrary dimension, many of the proofs became easier. However the original paper on abelian surfaces contains a section on the singularities of the Baily-Borel compactification that we did not include in the more general paper, so I have made the original available here.

Borel as Rascal A slightly modified version of an article that appeared in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 51 (2004) p. 513.

The IAS at 75 (jointly written with Susan Friedlander), Notices of the AMS, 52, (2005) pp. 859-862.

High resolution printer graphics (1.1 MB scanned pdf file) (with Mark Bridger), Byte Magazine, Nov. 1985, A higher resolution version for printing (12 MB scanned pdf file)