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Nokia N810 with Screen Rotation

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Aug 05 2009
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Follow directions on

First, need to Update N810 to the latest OS.

    • Download Flasher from
    • Download Firmware from
      • Switch device off
      • Disconnect the charger
      • Open battery cover and remove battery to get the Product ID in order to download file
      • Got error "Product ID not valid. Please re-enter the 12-digit code."
      • Didn't realize that I had the WiMAX Edition, so had to use instead. The latest OS 2008 DIABLO release for Nokia N810 Wimax Edition:  OS 2008 version 5.2008.43-7
    • Turn off tablet and plug USB to computer. Turn on the tablet while holding the Home button (button on front, upper left-side of tablet).  If it works, a USB image will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
      dmesg outputs:
      usb 1-7: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 10
      usb 1-7: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
    • To flash a kernel image if you have an individual image, open a terminal on your computer, then run:

      sudo flasher-3.0 -k <kernel zImage> -f -R
      replacing <kernel zImage> with the firmware image you downloaded from Nokia


Screen Rotation:

  • sudo su - (asks for root password, but I don't know what it is)
  • cd /Repository/Packages
    cd Rotate
    dpkg -i libxrandr2_1.2.1-1_armel.deb
    dpkg -i xserver-xomap_1.3.99.0~git20070321-0osso20074202_armel.modfied.deb
    dpkg -i rotate-sb-plugin_0.1-1_armel.deb
    dpkg -i kernel-diablo-flasher_2.6.21-200823maemo3_all.modfied.deb
  • Now it screen rotation worksworks
    • One thing I noticed about screen rotation is that the on-screen keyboard does not rotate, so if you try to use it, you only see half of the keyboard.








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