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Moving Apps and Data from one phone to another

Posted by Theresa Arzadon-Labajo (tarzadon) on Feb 23 2012
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I followed most of the steps on:How to Upgrade to a New Android Phone and Take Everything with You

On my rooted R2D2 phone:
  • Open Titanium Backup (free version) and select Batch, then click on RUN next to Backup all user apps + system data. It saves the backup to /mnt/sdcard/TitaniumBackup
  • Back up my text messages with SMS Backup & Restore. Open up the app and select Backup. It saves the data to /mnt/sdcard/SMSBackup.
  • Make sure contacts are backed up in Backup Assistant
  • Optional: (Create a Backup ROM) According to ROM Manager, Droid X/2/Pro Users: You must run the Bootstrap application first to use ROM Manager.
    Second Method (Manual/Free method) has a link to download the free version of Droid 2 Recovery Bootstrap •Open up Droid 2 Recovery Bootstrap then click on Bootstrap Recovery. Click OK when it says Success.
    •Click on Reboot Recovery. Phone will reboot.
    • Use the Volume up and down to select Backup and Restore
    • Select Backup with the Camera button.
    • The phone will create a full backup (nandroid) of your system, data and cache
    • Select Reboot after it is done.
  • Power off phone. Remove SD Card and Battery
On the new R2D2 phone:
  • Put in battery and turn on
  • Activate phone and follow instructions
  • Plug phone into PC via USB and run Psouza's one-click root tools:
    • Make sure Motorola drivers are installed
    • Download package: and extract the contents
    • Make sure USB Debugging is turned on
    • Double-click Pete's Motorola Root Tools.exe and click on Root My Phone
  • Go to the Market and install Titanium Backup
  • Go to Applications and check Unknown Sources
  • Open Titanium Backup and choose Batch. Then click on RUN next to Restore missing apps + all system data
    In the free version, you have to manually click Install for every App.
  • Open SMS Backup. Click Restore
  • At this point, my phone was almost identical to my old phone. There were only a couple widgets that didn't restore. Also, I had to register my new phone to my Wifi spots
  • If the Restore hadn't worked, I was going to use ROM Manager to restore the ROM (created in the Optional step above) to the new phone. While it wouldn't been easier just to do this in the first place, I wasn't sure if there were some weird behavior that I was going to transfer over to the new phone.

The last thing left to do was to Unroot the phone with an R2D2 SBF

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