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Black video on Skype

Posted by Theresa Arzadon-Labajo (tarzadon) on Oct 20 2011
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 Uninstalled the Skype from Market.

Downloaded Skype from theos0o on  (Version 11)

Went to the download directory and installed the .apk.

Opened Skype.

Went to Advanced Settings:
  • Check off "Force-enable video-calling"
  • Check off "Avoid setFPS"
  • Check off "Use valid preview surface"¬† (Initially, I didn't check this option off and the black video problem still existed.)
  • Prefer fullscreen incoming video

Since the Droid 2 only has a back camera and you will need a mirror to do video calls, under Camera Settings, there is Back Camera options:
  • Flip camera preview 'Image you see (not image sent!) will be flipped horizontally (mirrored)'
  • Flip camera image 'Both image you see and image sent will be flipped horizontalled (mirrored)'

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