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Michael Alekhnovich
Миша Алехнович

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    School of Mathematics
    Institute for Advanced Study
    Einstein Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540

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Миша Алехнович The School of Mathematics is very sorry to announce the premature death of our colleague and friend Misha Alekhnovich. Misha was a Member of the Institute for Advanced Study in 2000-01 and in 2003-05, and he died tragically in a white water rafting accident in Russia on August 5, 2006. Further information available here.

Ph.D. from MIT (2001-2003) under the supervision of Madhu Sudan. Graduated from Moscow State University in 2000. Undergraduate advisor was Alexander A. Razborov. Research interests encompassed the whole area of Theoretical Computer Science from Algorithm Design to Propositional Proof Complexity.