Books and survey articles

  1. A. Wigderson
    Knowledge, Creativity and P versus NP (a very informal draft)

    (ps) (pdf)

  2. Randomness Extractors (lecture notes)
    Pseudorandomness Mini-Workshop, 2008.  Scribe: Zeev Dvir.
    (ps) (pdf)

  3. S. Hoory, N. Linial , A. Wigderson
    Expander Graphs and their Applications

    Bull. Amer. Math Soc., 43, pp 439--561, 2006.
    (ps)   (pdf)

  4. M. Luby, A. Wigderson
    Pairwise Independence and Derandomization
    Foundation and Trends in Theoretical Computer Science, vol 1, no 4, pp 237--301, 2005.
     (ps) (pdf)

  5. A. Wigderson
    Arithmetic Complexity - A survey (lecture notes)
    Scribe: Oded Regev, 2002.
    (ps) (pdf)

  6. A. Wigderson
    Derandomizing BPP - A survey (lecture notes)
    Scribe: Irit Dinur, 2002.
    (ps)  (pdf)

  7. S. Rudich, A. Wigderson, editors
    Computational Complexity Theory
    Park City Mathematics Series, Vol 10, 2000

  8. A. Wigderson
    P, NP and Mathematics - a computational complexity perspective
    Proceedings of the ICM 06 (Madrid), vol. 1, EMS Publishing House, Zurich, pp. 665-712, 2007.
    (ps) (pdf)

  9. A. Wigderson
    Derandomizing BPP - Lecture notes of a Hebrew University course
    Scribe: Ronen Shaltiel, 1998
    (ps)   (pdf)

  10. A. Wigderson
    Randomness and Pseudorandomness  
    A popular article published in the "Institute Letter," Summer 2009
    (pdf - English version) (pdf - Chinese version)

  11. A. Wigderson
    The Gődel Phenomena in Mathematics:  A Modern View
    Included in Kurt Gődel and the Foundations of Mathematics:  Horizons of Truth,  eds. M. Baaz, C. Papadimitriou, H. Putnam, D. Scott, C. Harper, Cambridge University Press, to be published in 2010.