2020 Women and Mathematics Participant Information

The program is being held in cooperation with AWM

There are three levels of participants:

  • undergraduate students at the junior and senior levels
  • graduate students at all levels
  • postdoctoral researchers and lecturers

This program supports an equal opportunity and non-discrimination statement honored by the IAS https://www.ias.edu/sites/default/files/Staff%20Handbook_15%281%29.pdf and AWM non-discrimination statement https://sites.google.com/site/awmmath/awm-resources/policy-and-advocacy/harassment-statement

Please complete and submit this form to confirm your participation in the 2020 program by March 27. (This should only be done if you received a letter of invitation to the program.

Confirmation Form


Dates of Travel
Arrival: Classes start at 9 am on Monday, May 18.  We expect you to arrive Saturday, May 16, between noon and 4:00 pm if possible.
Departure: Please plan to depart Friday, May 22.  The last classes take place on Friday morning; the program ends after lunch.  You will be asked to return keys and all other materials you may have borrowed no later than 3 pm.

Please complete and submit this form to provide us with your arrival/departure details.
We would like to receive all travel forms by  Friday, April 10.  The form MUST be exact arrival and departure dates with times. 

Travel Information Form

All participants will have shared housing. In some cases this will include sharing a bedroom.  If you know other participants who would be your preferred roommates, please let us know beforehand.

Expanded Participant Information
Please visit this link for expanded participant information for the 2020 program. Please continue to check for updates.

IAS housing map
IAS campus map