How do I create more workspaces on my Springdale 7 environment?

Springdale 7 by default gives you four different workspaces to use and are shown in the bottom right corner.

Create more or less workspaces:

  • Hit the applications drop down in the top left corner
  • Scroll down to Utilities
  • Click "Tweak Tool"


Once the tweak tool window opens click on workspaces at the bottom.

When I minimize windows they disappear? or There are no applications in my toolbar.

gnome-panel needs to be restarted. In a terminal window, type:

pkill gnome-panel

If your toolbar doesn't restart, type:

ps -ef | grep gnome-panel

In the second column, there is a number. This is the process id (pid).
In the terminal window, type:

kill -9 

This should restart the toolbar.

How do I install Dropbox on my machine?

You can access dropbox from the Applications->Internet menu or by typing dropbox from a command prompt. The first time you run it, you should do dropbox install -i and configure the account.

How do I change my shell?

At the command line, type:



You will be asked what you want your new shell to be:

New shell:[/bin/bash]

Type, /bin/csh, then enter


You will be then asked for your password.

Changing shell for help

Enter LDAP Password:

If your password succeeds, you will see:

Shell changed.

TeX help

In Unix,  you create your tex file using a text editor (vi, emacs, gedit). 

Then you use the latex command to tex the file.

latex file.tex

Use xdvi to view the file.

xdvi file.dvi

To print the dvi:

dvips -Pf4 file.dvi

To convert the dvi to postscript:

dvips file.dvi -o file.ps

To convert the postscript file to pdf:

ps2pdf file.ps

To view the pdf:

acroread file.pdf


Kile allows you do do all the above steps and more in one program.

Use File->New to create a new TeX document.

When you are done,  click on the 'LaTeX' symbol to Tex the file.

How do I mount a floppy or CD-ROM?

To use a floppy or CD-ROM, do the following:

1. Place the floppy disk in the floppy disk drive or CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.
2. An icon of a floppy disk or CD-ROM should appear. Click the disk drive icon on the KDE or GNOME desktop to access the contents.
If the icon doesn't show up, right-click on the desktop and go to disks->Floppy or disks->cdrom
You can also type:

Is there a machine where can I run computationally intensive jobs?

dublin, is a 64 bit dual Quad-Core with 48GB of memory.

You may access this machine via ssh.

ssh dublin

How can I lock my screen? When I click on the lock button, nothing happens.

1. Right-click on Lock button -> select 'Restart Screensaver Daemon'
2. Check if the xscreensaver daemon is running. At a terminal window, type:

pgrep -u your_username xscreensaver -l

where your_username is substituted with your username.

3. If it is running, then you can lock your screen.


If you still cannot lock your screen, try typing:

xscreensaver-command -lock

4. If after Step 2, xscreensaver is not running, type the following at a terminal window: