Dropbox isn't syncing my files. How do I sync my Dropbox folder?

Technical details:

The system requirements for the Dropbox Desktop application have changed since October 2018.  The application is no longer supported for Ubuntu 13.10 and below, and Fedora 20 and below.  Further, the Dropbox Desktop application  for Linux-based computer systems only supports the ext4 file system. 

When I minimize windows they disappear? or There are no applications in my toolbar.

gnome-panel needs to be restarted. In a terminal window, type:

pkill gnome-panel

If your toolbar doesn't restart, type:

ps -ef | grep gnome-panel

In the second column, there is a number. This is the process id (pid).
In the terminal window, type:

kill -9 

This should restart the toolbar.

How do I install Dropbox on my machine?

You can access dropbox from the Applications->Internet menu or by typing dropbox from a command prompt. The first time you run it, you should do dropbox install -i and configure the account.

How do I change my shell?

At the command line, type:



You will be asked what you want your new shell to be:

New shell:[/bin/bash]

Type, /bin/csh, then enter


You will be then asked for your password.

Changing shell for help

Enter LDAP Password:

If your password succeeds, you will see:

Shell changed.

TeX help

In Unix,  you create your tex file using a text editor (vi, emacs, gedit). 

Then you use the latex command to tex the file.

latex file.tex

Use xdvi to view the file.

xdvi file.dvi

To print the dvi:

dvips -Pf4 file.dvi

To convert the dvi to postscript:

dvips file.dvi -o file.ps

To convert the postscript file to pdf:

ps2pdf file.ps

To view the pdf:

acroread file.pdf


Kile allows you do do all the above steps and more in one program.

Use File->New to create a new TeX document.

How do I mount a floppy or CD-ROM?

To use a floppy or CD-ROM, do the following:

1. Place the floppy disk in the floppy disk drive or CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.
2. An icon of a floppy disk or CD-ROM should appear. Click the disk drive icon on the KDE or GNOME desktop to access the contents.
If the icon doesn't show up, right-click on the desktop and go to disks->Floppy or disks->cdrom
You can also type:

Is there a machine where can I run computationally intensive jobs?

dublin, is a 64 bit dual Quad-Core with 48GB of memory.

You may access this machine via ssh.

ssh dublin