How do I copy files from the Mathematics Network to another location, ftp doesn't seem to work.

ftp and telnet are disabled for security reasons. Secure versions of these programs are available.
ftp has been replaced by Secure Copy(scp) uses the same syntax as the older Remote Copy (rcp) program.


To copy file0 from the Institute to host remote.edu where you have an account me, you would use:

scp file0 me@remote.edu:

Note:The trailing colon is not optional

To copy file1 from remote.edu to the Institute, you would use:

How do I make an archive of many files or a directory?

The Tape Archive program (tar) is used to create a single file from many files. Tar files are not smaller (compressed) than the original files, they are the union of all files archived. To compress tar files, use gzip or compress after creation.

Assume the current directory is called alpha and contains the files: abc; def; ghi; and jkl
To make a tar file of abc and def called mytar.tar you would type the following: