How can I type in other languages?

If you want to type in other languages, you can add different keyboards

  1. Choose System->Preferences->Keyboard
  2. Click on the Layouts tab
  3. Click on Add
  4. Click on Layout Options and go to "Key(s) to change layout" - This will allow you to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between keyboards.
  5. In your toolbar, you will see the current layout (e.g. en). You can click on it to change layouts. Right-click on it to "Show Current Layout" and see "Keyboard Preferences"

How can I type accents with my keyboard?

To type accents with your keyboard, you will need to configure the Compose key on your keyboard.

If you do not know the keycode for your Compose key, at a terminal window, type:


You will immediately note lots of output in the window every time you press a key or move the mouse in the 'xev' window.
Press the key to the right of the Alt key.