TeXworks is not finding packages

You need to make sure the texlive packages are at the top of the path list.
Go to Edit->Preferences->Typesetting
Under Paths for TeX and related programs, make sure that /usr/ias/texlive/2015/bin/x86_64-linux is listed at the top.
If this is not there, either click the plus icon to manually add it, or find it in the list and click the up arrow until it is at the top.
Click on OK

How do I restore the side bar in xdvi?

You accidentally hit the key shortcut for expert mode, which is 'x'. Just hit 'x' again and the sidebar should reappear. If this doesn't work, try '0x'. Or try 'q' to quit xdvi. Then open it again with "xdvi -expertmode 4"

Where can I put local latex style files and packages?

Create a folder in your root directory called texmf. Then create the directories inside it: tex/latex. You can do it all with one command:

mkdir -p texmf/tex/latex.  

Inside the latex directory, you can put your files (.tex, .sty, etc.) or
local packages.  You can create separate directories to organize your
files as well.

If custom bibtex style files (extension .bst) have been provided, place
these into a similar tree of the form

How do I access newer TeXLive packages?

In order to utilize TeXLive 2012 and newer, type the following on a command line:

module load texlive

If you type module list, you should see the following output:

Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
 1) texlive/2013

To unload the module:

module unload

To view other available TeXLive distributions, type:

module avail

To load a specific module, type:

module load texlive/2012


How do I enable synctex?

In order to use synctex, you need to load the module for texlive 2012. Our workstation build uses TL2007 by default.

In order to utilize it, type the following on a command line (or your login script):

module load texlive

If you type module list, you should see the following output:

How do I get Inverse Search and Forward Search working in Kile?

  • Set up Kile to tell LaTeX to add source info, i.e., set LaTeX build tools from Default to Modern:
    Settings -> Configure kile -> Build -> LaTeX -> "Modern" in the dropdown menu
    Click ForwardDVI in the list
    Select Embedded Viewer configuration
    Click OK
    Click LaTeX in the build toolbar menu
    Click ForwardDVI in the view toolbar menu. This will open up an Okular window.
    Open Settings->Configure Viewer
    Click Editor
    Select Kile as the editor
    Click OK
  • Setup inverse search from Okular:

TeX help

In Unix,  you create your tex file using a text editor (vi, emacs, gedit). 

Then you use the latex command to tex the file.

latex file.tex

Use xdvi to view the file.

xdvi file.dvi

To print the dvi:

dvips -Pf4 file.dvi

To convert the dvi to postscript:

dvips file.dvi -o file.ps

To convert the postscript file to pdf:

ps2pdf file.ps

To view the pdf:

acroread file.pdf


Kile allows you do do all the above steps and more in one program.

Use File->New to create a new TeX document.

How do I load Auctex in Xemacs?

Add the line:

(require 'tex-site)

to your ~/.emacs file. This should force xemacs to load auctex.