How do I find out where my printouts are going to? or Nothing is printing

Find out what printer is your default:


If this does not output anything or is incorrect:

echo  > ~/.default_printer_user

where is the printer you want to set:

f2, f2d, f3, f3d, f4, f4d, s0, s0d, s1, s1d, s2, s2d

To find the nearest printer:

find_printer   (This only works from a SunRay)

Why is my application is not starting up on Windows?

Sometimes an application will not start up because a previous process from that application is still running in the background and did not properly exit.

To check if the process is still running,
On the Task bar at the bottom of your screen, click on the right button on your mouse. This will bring up a menu. Choose 'Task Manager', then the 'Processes' tab. You can check to see if the processes are there.