How do I attach a file to an e-mail message?

In pine:

1. Type C to compose your message.

2. Type the e-mail address you want to send to on the To: line.

3. Go to the line Attchmnt: and type Control-J

4. On the bottom of the screen it will say File to attach:

Either type in the filename or type Control-T to browse through your files. Use the arrow keys to scroll through the files and use the 'Enter'/'Return' key to select the file.

How do I decode a base 64 encoded 'attachment' that is embedded in a mail message?

If you receive an e-mail with an attachment embedded within:

.. 1) save the e-mail as a plain text file

2) edit the e-mail and remove any headers

Delete everything before and including the lines that look like:

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename='13234.pdf' ^M

Delete everything including and after the lines that look like:

------------- End Forwarded Message -------------^M

3) At a terminal line, type:

mimencode -u name_of_text_file -o new_file

How do I open up an e-mail attachment with a .max extension?

If you receive an e-mail with an attachment containing the extension max, here is how you can open the file.

1) If you are on a Unix/Linux machine:
Click on the Windows icon on the bottom of your screen.

If you are on a Windows machine:
Go to Step 3. If you do not see Paperport Viewer, you may need to have
it installed for you.
2) Login, using the password you were assigned when you first arrived.

3) Click on Start->Programs->Paperport->Paperport Viewer. This will open the viewer.