How do I print directly to a printer on the fourth floor of Fuld?

The two printers on the fourth floor of Fuld use the shared queue: f4(simplex) or f4d(duplex). The print server sends jobs to the printer with the least load.
Sometimes you may want to print to a specific printer (e.g. manual feed).
The printer on the left is called f4l(simplex) and f4ld(duplex). The printer on the right is called f4r(simplex) and f4rd(duplex).
To use dvips to print to the manual feed tray, use the -m flag.

How do I set/change my default printer?

Find out what printer is your default:


If this does not output anything or is incorrect:

export PRINTER='printer-name'

where 'printer-name' is the printer you want to set:

f2, f2d, f3, f3d, f4, f4d, s0, s0d, s1, s1d, s2, s2d

To find the nearest printer:

$ find_printer