How do I access/update my Community of Scholars (CoS) information?

The Community of Scholars (CoS) is a comprehensive online database of the scholars associated with IAS since its founding. Former Members, Visitors, Research Assistants, and Director’s Visitors are encouraged to submit corrections and additional biographical and bibliographical information. To view the information, visit:

How do I change my IAS password from Mac OS X?

To change your password from Mac OS X:

1. Open up the Terminal application.
2. SSH into using your assigned user credentials.
3. Type passwd.
4. Enter your current password.
5. Enter your new password twice.
6. Assuming you successfully typed in your new password twice, you should receive a message saying that "all authentication tokens updated successfully."

How do I change my password from a Windows or Citrix Windows client?

After you log in to the Windows client or Citrix Windows emulator:

1. Press CTRL-ALT-ENTER to bring up a windows dialog window.
2. Click on the Change Password button.
3. Follow the directions and then click OK to save your new password.