When I minimize windows they disappear? or There are no applications in my toolbar.

gnome-panel needs to be restarted. In a terminal window, type:

pkill gnome-panel

If your toolbar doesn't restart, type:

ps -ef | grep gnome-panel

In the second column, there is a number. This is the process id (pid).
In the terminal window, type:

kill -9 

This should restart the toolbar.

I get the error message 'You are not running a GNOME compliant window manager' whenever I log in.

This happens from time to time. Gnome has just lost your window manager for some reason. (Check your quota) To fix it...

On the tool bar at the top of your window click...



In the box that opens up scroll down on the right to 'Desktop' and choose the option 'Window Manager'.

Choose Twm from the left hand window.

Click 'Try'

Click 'Save session later.'

Now choose Sawfish.

Click 'OK'

Click 'Save session now.'