How do I view my IMAP folders in (al)pine?

  • At the Main Menu, type S or select SETUP.
  • Type L, for collectionLists
  • Type A, for Add Cltn
  • Nickname   : Type a name for your IMAP folder list
    Server     :<username>/ssl (where <username> is your login name)
    Path       :
    View       :
  • Type Ctrl-X (^X) to exit/save
  • Type E, to Exit Setup

You can also edit your .pinerc file
               "IMAP nickname" {<username>/ssl}[]

How do I print from pine?

Go to the Main Menu:
-Select Setup
-Type P for Printer
-Move your cursor to Personally selected print command
-Type A for Add Printer

-It will ask you to type printer name: s0 or s0d for ground floor printer, or you can choose another printer
-It will ask you to type printer command: lpr -P, If you chose s0, then it will be lpr -Ps0
-Type S for Select

-Type E for Exit, then Y to save changes

How do I change my Reply-to address in pine?

By default, your reply-to address it the address from which you send the message.You can change this so that replies go to another address.
1.) Run pine
2.) select S for Setup
3.) select C for Configure
4.) type W for Where is
5.) type customized and type return.

customized-hdrs = No Value Set

6.) type A, then type:


7.) Hit return
8.) select E for Exit
9.) type Y to save your changes