How do I print from the Windows Citrix client?

You may need to add a printer if it is not already defined.

1. Go to Start->Settings->Printers, select Add Printer

2. Click Next at the 'Welcome to the Add Printer Wizard' screen

3. Select Network Printer, then click Next

4. Select Find Printer in the Directory, then click Next

5. Click Find Now, a list of printers will show up.

6. Select the printer you want and click OK

7. Click Select as default printer, click Next

8. Click Finish

How do I change my password from a Windows or Citrix Windows client?

After you log in to the Windows client or Citrix Windows emulator:

1. Press CTRL-ALT-ENTER to bring up a windows dialog window.
2. Click on the Change Password button.
3. Follow the directions and then click OK to save your new password.

Why is my application is not starting up on Windows?

Sometimes an application will not start up because a previous process from that application is still running in the background and did not properly exit.

To check if the process is still running,
On the Task bar at the bottom of your screen, click on the right button on your mouse. This will bring up a menu. Choose 'Task Manager', then the 'Processes' tab. You can check to see if the processes are there.

How do I view Microsoft Office files?

On your Linux desktop, there should be a Windows Icon. If you click it, it will start a Windows session.
It is the same username & password as your Unix account. If this is your first time logging into windows, you will have to change your password first on the Linux side, using the passwd command.