What do I do if my screen freezes up when viewing a pdf from mozilla?

It seems to be a bug with Mozilla that is causing screens to freeze.
To unfreeze your screen:
1. Make note of the name of the machine you are on.
2. Log into another machine
3. ssh into the machine that is frozen
4. type

pkill -9 -u your_username mozilla

br> 5. This should kill the mozilla process that is running and your screen should return to normal.
If not, type

Why is Netscape reporting error: Netscape is unable to use the mail server because you have not provided a username. Please provide one in the Preferences.

Please make sure that you have all the following:

(1) Server's full name,, in your Netscape for both incoming and outgoing email servers.

Click Edit -> Preferences -> Mail & Newsgroups -> Mail Servers: Incoming Mail Servers
click Add if is not shown in the window

(2)User's name and email address

Click Edit -> Preferences -> Mail & Newsgouprs -> Identity

(3) User's username for incoming email

Why isn't my Firefox or Mozilla starting up?

Sometimes the Firefox/Mozilla process gets hung up and needs to be restarted.
To do this, at a terminal prompt, type:

pkill -u your_username firefox


pkill -u your_username mozilla

Substitute your_username with your username. You can verify that the process is no longer running, by typing:

pgrep -u your_username firefox


pgrep -u your_username mozilla

Then try running Firefox again.
If this still doesn't work, then type:

How do I run Internet Explorer and Outlook Express at the same time?

Unfortunately there is a problem with Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. You cannot run both at the same time. Both work but, you will have to quit one to run the other. Microsoft is aware of the problem and is working on a solution.