How do I print multiple pages per sheet?

If you want to conserve paper or don't want to carry around a lot of paper, it is possible to print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper.

There are two utilities for setting multiple pages on one piece of paper. They are called mpage and psnup


You can send this output straight to the printer to avoid creating temporary files:

mpage -2 -Pprinter

See the man page for more info (type man mpage).


Sometimes mpage will fail on complex PostScript pages.

What do I do if my screen freezes up when viewing a pdf from mozilla?

It seems to be a bug with Mozilla that is causing screens to freeze.
To unfreeze your screen:
1. Make note of the name of the machine you are on.
2. Log into another machine
3. ssh into the machine that is frozen
4. type

pkill -9 -u your_username mozilla

br> 5. This should kill the mozilla process that is running and your screen should return to normal.
If not, type