Application Guidelines

The process for applying for the Summer Collaborators Program at IAS is as follows:(it will be the responsibility of the lead collaborator to submit the application)

The application is initiated by the Lead Collaborator of the group and can be found on 2021 link:

  • Follow the prompts in the application. 
  • Application Materials Required:
    • Upload a one page summary of the proposed research.
    • You will need an ORCID to complete the application.
    • The lead collaborator will enter the organizer and collaborator names and e-mail addresses in the Co-organizers sections. To add additional names, click on the green arrow.
    • A CV of each member of the group, (The Lead Collaborator will attach their CV to the application. MathPrograms will send each individual collaborator an email for their CVs)
    • A list of agreed-upon dates to meet (we suggest 3 sets of dates for periods of between 2 to 4 weeks from June 2 through July 31, in order of priority)
    • Please provide information regarding funding (NSF, etc. ) which any member of the group may have which can be used to help with their support, (to be submitted by each individual collaborator, separately)
    • Confirmation from each member of the group of their intention to participate. (A checkbox will be included in the MathPrograms email)

And anything else requested in the program description.

Please note that the application will not be considered if it is incomplete.

Application deadline is December 1, and successful applicants will be notified in February.