2019 Collaborators

Topic of Research:  Geometry and topology of exotic Springer fibers and related areas

Lead collaborator:  Mee Seong Im

Additional collaborators:  Chun-Ju Lai, Jieru Zhu, Arik Wilbert

Papers from the collaboration:  https://arxiv.org/abs/1910.03010  and https://arxiv.org/abs/1911.05049



Topic of Research:  Cayley-like realizations of Ramanujan bigraphs and simply transitive actions of lattices on buildings

Lead collaborator:  Ori Parzanchevski

Additional collaborators:  Brooke Feigon, Kathrin Maurischat, Shai Evra, Cristina Ballantine



Topic of Research:  The role of foraging and social interaction in the formation of locust hopper bands

Lead collaborator:  Rebecca Everett

Additional collaborators:  Andrew Bernoff, Maryanne Hohn, Christopher Strickland, Jasper Weinburd, Michael Culshaw-Maurer


Topic of Research:  Spectral Dynamic Analysis of Stochastic Service Networks

Lead collaborator: Bill Massey

Additional collaborators:  Robert Hampshire, Jamol Pender, Alfred Noel, Otis Jennings


Topic of Research:  New Approaches to algebraic and symplectic Gromov-Witten invariants

Lead collaborator: Dusa McDuff

Additional collaborators:  Katrin Wehrheim, Babara Fantechi


Topic of Research: Algebraic cobordism, Hilbert schemes, and derived algebraic geometry

Lead collaborator:  Marc Hoyois

Additional collaborators:  Elden Elmanto, Adeel Khan, Vladimir Sosnilo, Maria Yakerson


Topic of Research: Differential equations and automorphic functions

Lead collaborator:  James Freitag

Additional collaborators:  David Blazquez-Sanz, Guy Casale, Joel Nagloo