2018 Collaborators

Topic of Research:  Local Cohomology and Thickenings of Projective Varieties

Lead collaborator:  Anurag K. Singh

Additional collaborators:  Bhargav Bhatt, Manuel Blickle, Gennady Lyubeznik, and Wenliang Zhang



Topic of Research:  K-Theory and Scissors Congruence

Lead collaborator:  Inna Zakharevich

Additional collaborators:  Jonathan Campbell



Topic of Research:  Counting D_n-Fields and applications to Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics

Lead collaborator:  Ali Altug

Additional collaborators:  Arul Shankar, Ila Varma, Kevin Wilson



Topic of Research:  Peak and descent polytopes

Lead collaborator: Pamela Harris

Additional collaborators:  Alexander Diaz Lopez, Erik Insko, Mohamed Omar



Topic of Research:  Locality and Universality of Topological Quantum Comuting

Lead collaborator: Zhenghan Wang

Additional collaborators:  Shawn Cui, Kevin Tian, Jennifer Vasquez, Helen Wong


Topic of Research: The Laguerre-Pólya class, Pólya frequency sequences, and generalized Hurwitz matrices

Lead collaborator:  Olga Holtz

Additional collaborators:  Maxim Derevyagin, Sergey Khrushchev