2017 Collaborators

Topic of Research:  Symplectic embeddings in toric varieties

Lead collaborator:  Tara Holm

Additional collaborators:  Daniel Cristofaro-Gardiner, Alessia Mandini, Ana Rita Pires



Topic of Research: A multivariate theory of finite free probability

Lead collaborator:  Adam Markus

Additional collaborators:  Petter Branden



Topic of Research:  Applied mathematics

Lead collaborator:  Weiqing Ren

Additional collaborators:Yang Xiang, Luchan Zhang



Topic of Research:  Variations of Hodge structures and arithmetic properties of curves

Lead collaborator:  Laure Flapan

Additional collaborators:  Ana-Maria Brecan



Topic of Research:  Cohomology of the affine flag variety via moment graphs

Lead collaborator:  Elizabeth Milicévic

Additional collaborators:  Kaisa Taipale



Topic of Research:  Instantons, monopoles, low dimensional topology and quantum Yang-Mills theory

Lead collaborator:  Paul Feehan

Additional collaborators:Cagatay Kutluhan, Tom Leness