setting up thunderbird mail

Manual Configuration

Auto Configuration


Manual Configuration

  1. Click on the Icon that says "Thunderbird" on the lower panel or type thunderbird & at a command line. The following screen will pop up. Select "Email account" and the click on Next.


  2. Type in your name and E-mail address, then click on Next.


  3. Select IMAP and type in the server name as shown.


  4. Type in your username


  5. Type in the name you would like to refer to the account as


  6. Click Finish


  7. A screen will come up that asks you for your password. Type in your password and click OK


  8. Click OK on the following screen.


  9. Click on Edit->Account Settings->Outgoing Server(SMTP). Under "Use secure connection", click "TLS"


  10. Click OK

Auto Configuration

  1. Thunderbird 3.0 or later may be able to automatically configure the connection to our email servers.
    The first time you invoke a new installation of Thunderbird, you are prompted to create a profile, and then you will be asked to provide details about your email account:
    Your name:
    E-mail address: <username> (Be sure to put or it may fill in the wrong school's e-mail server).
    Click on Continue.
  2. Thunderbird will look up the provider and attempt to determine the server settings.
    You will be presented with a dialog box with the settings that were found.  Make sure they match up with the Email Information page.
  3. If things look good, click on the Create Account button.  If not, click on Edit or Manual Setup.
    Follow the instructions above for help with Manual configuration.