Scanners are located in Simonyi Hall Room 028 and 114. In S-028, one is connected to a linux machine. In S-114, the scanner is connected to a Windows machine.

There are Digital Senders located in S-028, S-114 and Fuld Second Floor Libary Stacks where you can scan documents to PDF, JPEG or TIFF and send them via e-mail.



Using Xsane on the linux machine

  1. At a terminal prompt, type:


    You will see the following windows appear:

  2. Click on the button "Acquire preview" in order to see your images.
  3. Use the dotted lines to select the area of the picture that you want to scan. When you are satisfied with the area you want to scan, click on the button "Start". This will bring up a window showing you the scanned area.
    Note: The image will appear very large.
  4. If you are satisfied with the image, select File-> Save image Type in the name that you want to save it as. It will save it as a .pnm file.

Editing your image

There are several different applications you can use to edit your image.