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Windows 2000

Download drivers here

There are two ways you can add printers:

  1. Using the Add Printer Wizard
    1. Click the Start Menu, then Settings, then Printers.

    2. Click "Add Printer" then the Add Printer Wizard will appear. Click Next.

    3. Click "Network Printer", then Next.

    4. Type \\printhost\queue_name, where queue_name is defined here

    5. Click Yes to make the printer your default printer

    6. Click Finish to complete the process.

    7. Printer icon should now appear.


    8. Connecting to Printhost directly
      1. Click Start, then Run

      2. Type \\printhost in the Window, then click OK

      3. A window with all available printers should appear

      4. Double-click the icon of the printer you want to add. Click Yes



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