Laptop Connections

Connecting your Computer to the Network


All members, faculty and their partners are permitted to connect a network device to the Mathematics Network provided they read the Institute Web Use Policy. If you are running Linux, FreeBSD, or another UNIX Variant, you must follow the following UNIX guidelines.

The Mathematics Network uses 100BaseT Ethernet. 802.11 Wireless is also supported in various locations around campus including Simonyi and Fuld Hall.

Connecting your machine to the network is a painfree experience (hopefully).

For Wired access, use an available port.  If connecting in your office, do not use the port that your workstation is plugged into because it is on a different Network and therefore you will not be able to connect to the Internet.

For Wireless access, configure your laptop to connect to the wireless SSID  "IAS", "eduroam" or "IAS-conference".  For a detailed description on the SSIDs, go to: . If you do not need access to the digital library resources, then "IAS" should be sufficient, otherwise you will need to connect to "eduroam" and configure the CAT tool.

Connecting to the "IAS" SSID:

Automatic Method - Open up an internet browser window (e.g. Firefox, IE, Safari) and navigate to any page. You should be automatically redirected to the registration page. Fill out the form and submit it.  You will then be instructed to reboot your laptop.  After your laptop has rebooted, you should be connected to the internet.

If the Automatic Method does not work, follow the Manual Method below:

  • Manual Method - Register with the network group by navigating to the Registration page at:  (Follow the link marked register) You will be required to provide your machines MAC address. If the MAC address section is not automatically filled out, find out what your machines MAC address is by clicking here.

Connecting to the "IAS" , "eduroam" and "IAS-conference" SSIDs:

Follow the instructions at:


If you do not have a network card (PCMCIA) for your laptop, we will loan you one, subject to availability
USB Network Devices are also available. These devices have been tested to work with Linux and Windows.

Register for Access



Printing to Department Printers is supported from connected machines. Please see Printer Documentation for printer names and locations.



File Access

File Access is provided by the use of scp. For information on using scp, please see this FAQ Microsoft Windows Clients will be able to access their files directly in the near future (Fall 2001), we will update this page when file access is available.