Email documentation for the School of Mathematics.  The hostnames below are the mail servers in the school of mathematics.

Server Settings

Incoming Server
Requires SSL Authentication

SSL 993

TLS 143

Outgoing Server
Requires SSL Authentication

SSL 465

TLS 25/587

Outgoing Server
No Authentication Needed*  
Web Mail SSL 443
+SMTP is required to send mail from off campus
*Maximum file attachment cannot exceed 25MB


To configure your email to autoreply when you go on vacation, please see the vacation documentation.  To filter your email look at the filtering documenation.  If you are storing a large about of mail or notice performance problems, look at the mailbox formats document, changing the format of your mailbox can greatly increase the performance of viewing and manipulating your email. 

To configure an email client, refer to the documentation below


Client Configuration

SSL/TLS Encryption Information

IAS Addressbook

IAS Certificates


  Key fingerprint E2:8A:DC:E3:E7:2E:CC:23:60:DF:28:24:83:46:C2:3A:DE:D9:1D:CD FD:5F:AC:16:3A:BE:D7:18:28:FF:DE:09:3B:AD:13:5F:9A:6B:76:D7 FD:5F:AC:16:3A:BE:D7:18:28:FF:DE:09:3B:AD:13:5F:9A:6B:76:D7