Tape Backups

Home Directories

A full backup of the home directories is done every Sunday at 02:00


An incremental of the home directories are done every day at 02:00



A full backup of e-mail is done evey day at 23:30


Twice a year, a full backup is done and is saved to an off-site facility


Tape restores are used when file(s) have been lost over a month.


Snapshots can be used to restore file(s) lost between an hour and one month.


The section below describes how to retrieve files saved in the snapshot directory.



Home Directories

A snapshot of your home directory is periodically taken.


At a terminal prompt, type:


cd .snapshot

If you type:



You will see a list of directories:


./         hourly.1/  hourly.4/   nightly.1/  nightly.4/  weekly.1/

../        hourly.2/  hourly.5/   nightly.2/  nightly.5/  weekly.2/

hourly.0/  hourly.3/  nightly.0/  nightly.3/  weekly.0/

hourly.0 contains the most recent backup.


Search through the directory to find your lost or deleted file.


When you are finished, you can copy it to your current home directory by typing:


cp file /my/home/directory




A snapshot of your e-mail is also taken periodically

Contact Math Help if you need to retrieve e-mails.  We cannot guarantee that specific e-mails will be there due to the scheduling of backups.