Moduli of degree 4 K3 surfaces revisited

Topology of Algebraic Varieties
Topic:Moduli of degree 4 K3 surfaces revisited
Speaker:Radu Laza
Affiliation:Stony Brook University; von Neumann Fellow, School of Mathematics
Date:Tuesday, February 3
Time/Room:2:00pm - 3:00pm/S-101
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For low degree K3 surfaces there are several way of constructing and compactifying the moduli space (via period maps, via GIT, or via KSBA). In the case of degree 2 K3 surface, the relationship between various compactifications is well understood by work of Shah, Looijenga, and others. I will report on work in progress with K. O’Grady which aims to give similar complete description for degree 4 K3s.