Six is the new ten

Mathematical Conversations
Topic:Six is the new ten
Speaker:Tudor Dimofte
Affiliation:Member, School of Natural Sciences
Date:Wednesday, March 26
Time/Room:6:00pm - 7:00pm/Dilworth Room

I'll give an introduction to some of the new relations between geometry and physics that have arisen in recent years by considering compactifications of "The 6-dimensional (2,0) theory" -- with ties to (and among) instanton counting, Hitchin moduli spaces, hyperbolic geometry, and quantum 3-manifold invariants. About Mathematical Conversations: We meet in Harry's Bar at 6pm, where free drinks are provided. After 20 minutes, we move to the Dilworth room, where the speaker gives a 20-minute talk, followed by 15 minutes of discussion with the audience. After that we return to the bar for further discussions. Website: