Integrable Stochastic Particle Systems and Macdonald Processes

Special Lecture
Topic:Integrable Stochastic Particle Systems and Macdonald Processes
Speaker:Alexei Borodin
Affiliation:Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Date:Thursday, April 25
Time/Room:2:00pm - 3:00pm/S-101
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A large class of one dimensional stochastic particle systems are predicted to share the same universal long-time/large-scale behavior. By studying certain integrable models within this (Kardar-Parisi-Zhang) universality class we access what should be universal statistics and phenomena. In this talk we focus on two different integrable exclusion processes: q-TASEP and ASEP. Using them as a prompt, we will describe the theory of Macdonald processes which unites integrability in various areas of probability including directed polymers, interacting particle systems, growth processes, and random matrix theory.