Princeton Mini-Workshop for Applied Mathematicians & Structural Biologists
Date:Monday, August 9
Time/Room:12:00am - 12:00am/Lewis Library 306 OR Fine Hall 401

During August 2-13 there will be held a mini-workshop in Princeton that will bring together applied mathematicians and structural biologists.A tentative schedule is here: http://math.ias.edu/files/seminars/MiniWorkshopSchedule.pdf Every day there will be about two talks (a morning talk at 11am and an afternoon talk at 2pm). Talks will take place at Lewis Library Room 306, unless audience turns out to be too large, in which case the participants will meet at Fine Hall Room 401 instead. The relaxed schedule should encourage participants to collaborate and work beyond the formal session hours. From the application point of view, the focus of the first week will be NMR spectroscopy and computer vision, while in the second week the focus will be shifted to cryo-electron microscopy. We will try to circulate talk titles and abstracts ahead of time. Please let Professor Singer know if you need any other information regarding the workshop. Amit Singer amits@math.princeton.edu