Arithmetic Invariants of Discrete Langlands Parameters

Topic:Arithmetic Invariants of Discrete Langlands Parameters
Speaker:B. Gross
Affiliation:Harvard University
Date:Tuesday, March 11
Time/Room:1:00pm - 2:00pm/S-101

Let G be a reductive algebraic group over a local field k . Hiraga, Ichino and Ikeda have recently proposed a general conjecture for the formal degree of a discrete series representation of G(k) , using special values of the adjoint L-function and epsilon factor of its (conjectural) Langlands parameter. I will reformulate this conjecture using Euler-Poincare measure on G(k) and the motive of G , establish a key rationality property of the ratio of special values in the non-Archimedean case, and explore some of its implications for supercuspidal parameters. This is joint work with Mark Reeder.