Filling metric spaces

Workshop on Geometric Functionals: Analysis and Applications
Topic:Filling metric spaces
Speaker:Alexander Nabutovsky
Affiliation:University of Toronto; Member, School of Mathematics
Date:Friday, March 8
Time/Room:11:30am - 12:30pm/Simonyi Hall 101
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Abstract:  Uryson k-width of a metric space X measures how close X is to being k-dimensional. Several years ago Larry Guth proved that if M is a closed n-dimensional manifold, and the volume of each ball of radius 1 in M does not exceed a certain smallconstant e(n), then the Uryson (n-1)-width of M is less than 1. This result is a significant generalization of the famous Gromov's inequality relating the volume and the filling radius that plays a central role in systolic geometry. Guth asked  if one can generalize his result in two directions: first, from closed manifolds to n-dimensional metric spaces using the Hausdorff measure instead of volume, and, then, to metric spaces of any dimension using n-dimensional Hausdorffcontent instead of Hausdorff measure. If true, such a result will immediately lead to interesting new inequalities even for closed Riemannian manifolds. In my talk I am are going to discuss Guth's theorem and an ongoing joint project towards resolution of Guth's problem.