Local to global relations of periods (continued)

Locally Symmetric Spaces Seminar
Topic:Local to global relations of periods (continued)
Speaker:Erez Lapid
Affiliation:Weizmann Institute of Science; Member, School of Mathematics
Date:Tuesday, February 27
Time/Room:1:45pm - 4:15pm/Simonyi Hall 101
Video Link:https://video.ias.edu/locallysemetric/2018/0227-ErezLapid

Rankin-Selberg integrals provide factorization of certain period integrals into local counterparts. Other, more elusive, periods can be studied in principle by the relative trace formula and other methods.
Following Waldspurger, Ichino-Ikeda formulated a local to global conjecture about the Gross-Prasad periods. A more general setup was subsequently considered by Sakellaridis-Venkatesh.
I will discuss some of these principles as well as a result on Whittaker coefficients joint with Zhengyu Mao.