Automorphic forms and motivic cohomology II

Locally Symmetric Spaces Seminar
Topic:Automorphic forms and motivic cohomology II
Speaker:Akshay Venkatesh
Affiliation:Stanford University; Distinguished Visiting Professor, School of Mathematics
Date:Tuesday, November 21
Time/Room:1:45pm - 4:15pm/S-101
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In the lectures I will formulate a conjecture asserting that there is a hidden action of certain motivic cohomology groups on the cohomology of arithmetic groups. One can construct this action, tensored with $\mathbb C$, using differential forms. Also one can construct it, tensored with $\mathbb Q_p$, by using a derived version of the Hecke algebra (or a derived version of the Galois deformation rings). I will describe these constructions and the evidence for the conjecture. The ideas and results presented here are based on papers with Prasanna and Galatius and Harris (all on the arxiv) and work in progress with Darmon, Harris, Rotger.