Reinforced random walks and statistical physics

Special Mathematical Physics Seminar
Topic:Reinforced random walks and statistical physics
Speaker:Pierre Tarres
Affiliation:Université Paris-Dauphine
Date:Tuesday, January 24
Time/Room:1:30pm - 2:30pm/S-101
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We explain how the Edge-reinforced random walk, introduced by Coppersmith and Diaconis in 1986, is related to several models in statistical physics, namely the supersymmetric hyperbolic sigma model studied by Disertori, Spencer and Zirnbauer (2010), the random Schrödinger operator and Dynkin's isomorphism. These correspondences enable us to show recurrence/transience results on the Edge-reinforced random walk, and they also allow us to provide insight into these models. This work is joint with Christophe Sabot, and part of it is also in collaboration with Margherita Disertori, Titus Lupu and Xiaolin Zeng.