The Thermodynamics Pressure of a Dilute Fermi Gas

Topic:The Thermodynamics Pressure of a Dilute Fermi Gas
Speaker:Robert Seiringer
Affiliation:Princeton University
Date:Monday, March 6
Time/Room:2:00pm - 3:00pm/S-101

We consider a gas of fermions with non-zero spin at positive temperature $T$. We show that if the range of the interparticle interaction is small compared to the mean particle distance, the thermodynamic pressure differs to leading order from the corresponding expression for non-interacting particles by a term proportional to the scattering length of the interparticle interaction. This is true for any repulsive interaction, including hard cores. The result is uniform in the temperature as long as $T$ is of the same order as the Fermi temperature, or smaller. One of the key ingredients in the proof is a new subadditivity inequality for the von-Neumann entropy.