Random Discrete Matrices: A Survey

Topic:Random Discrete Matrices: A Survey
Speaker:Van Vu
Date:Tuesday, January 24
Time/Room:10:30am - 12:30pm/S-101

Random matrices is a large area in mathematics, with connections to many other areas, such as mathematical physics, combinatorics, and theoretical computer sience, to mention a few. There are, by and large, two kinds of random matrices. The first are those with continuous entries (such as Gaussian). The second are those with discrete entries (such as Bernoulli). There is an established theory on the continuous model (see for instance the book of Mehta). On the other hand, random discrete matrices are far from well understood, and many basic questions are wide open. In this talk, I am going to give a survey about random discrete matrices. I will present the main problems and results, and discuss some recent progresses.