The Ruth and Irving Adler Expository Lectures

Through the generosity of Stephen Adler, the lectureship was established in 1999 in order to honor the contribution of his parents, Ruth and Irving Adler, to mathematics and science education. The lectures are intended to be accessible to non-mathematicians. Below are the past invited speakers and lecture topics.

Year Lecturer/Affiliation Title
2017 Oded Regev
New York University
Lattices: from Geometry to Cryptography
2013 Etienne Ghys
Dynamics in Dimension 3:
Geometry of Birkhoff Sections
2010 Curtis McMullen
Harvard University
Entrophy, Algebraic Integers and
Moduli of Surfaces
2008 Joan Birman
Columbia University
Lorenz Knots and Links
2004 Robert Bryant
Duke University
Calibrations in Geometry and Topology
2000 Daniel Quillen
Mathematical Institute at the
University of Oxford
Modules over Nonunital Rings