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A program funded by National Science Foundation and Princeton University

Volunteer Opportunitites for all Participants
May 19 - May 25, 2018
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Graduate Student
Undergraduate Student
Mentor (researcher or postdoctoral scholar)

Please check any area in which you would be willing to assist. Everyone will be assigned to a job -- if you have a preference, let us know.

Organize take-out, pot-luck, or restaurant dinners
Assist lecturers with copying
Host a visitor or a guest lecturer for a day
Organize weekend activities (trips to NY, Philadelphia, sports activities, etc.)
Provide transportation on an occasional emergency basis (must have a car)
Serve as a women-in-science seminar assistant
Other, Please be specific

For advanced graduate students and researchers: Give a research seminar. What is the topic?

For beginning students:
Presentation? If so, in what area?

The talk could be for the Women in Science Seminar, a math talk in an area of personal interest, or a talk during the undergraduate or graduate level course

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