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A program funded by National Science Foundation, The Starr Foundation and Princeton University

Deadline for Applications: February 23
Program Dates: May 12 - May 23, 2008
Application Guidelines

Last name:

First name:

Middle Initial:



Institution Address:

Home Address:

Preferred mailing address:

Institution Home

Office Telephone:

Home Telephone (optional):


Participant Category (Check all that apply):

Undergraduate Student (expected date of graduation:)
Beginning Graduate Student (year:)
Advanced Graduate Student (year:)
Postdoctoral Researcher
IAS Member
Faculty Member
Invitee to the Program (invited by:)

Ethnicity (Optional, but helpful in assessing efforts to attract a diverse group of participants and used for grants reporting purposes):

American Indian/Alaskan Native
Black or African American
Hispanic or Latino
Pacific Islander
Decline to report

Education: (Include all undergraduate and graduate schools you have attended and any special programs you have attended.)

Teaching Experience:

Will you be able to attend the entire Women's Program from May 12 to May 23?

No (please give dates you can attend)   Start Date:       End Date:  

Have you taken a course in women's studies or women in science? Yes  No

One of the activities is a seminar on women in science. What would you like to hear discussed at this seminar?
Is there any particular woman or type of woman you would like to interview during such a seminar?

What do you hope to gain from the Women's Program?

What are your goals for the program?
Please tell us anything about yourself that would help us plan a program that interests you.

Undergraduate and Beginning Graduate Students Only
If you have an advisor, please list his/her name:

Present (2007-2008) status:
Below junior with advanced standing in mathematics
Graduate Student (year:)
Other (please explain:)

Expected date of graduation or completion of graduate studies:
What are your present career goals?

Please check off the following mathematics courses that you have taken or are currently taking. If you think you have taken a course at a comparable or higher level, you may list this in the fourth slot.

abstract algebra real analysis topology
Other equivalent course:

Please list the mathematics courses above calculus that you have taken along with the grade you received. List any courses outside mathematics that use mathematics.

What courses are you taking now?

Name of at least one mathematician who knows your work. Applicants must ask that letters of recommendation be sent either by post or by e-mail directly to the Women's Program at the School of Math.

What is your favorite subject in Mathematics? Why?

Advanced Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers Only

Current Position:
Advanced Graduate Student (year:)
Postdoctoral Scholar
Non-tenured Faculty
Tenured Faculty

Date or expected date of Ph.D.


Thesis advisor(s) and/or research mentor(s):

Please give a brief description of the main subject(s) of your research or projected research.

What are your present career goals?

Name of the mathematician or scientist who will send in a letter of recommendation on your behalf. You may have two letters of recommendation if you feel it is appropriate.

Describe your background as it relates to subject of the Women's Program and your reasons for wanting to attend this particular year.

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